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Welcome to Infinity Staffing Partners, an elite firm for Recruitment Services! We take the time to understand our client’s culture as well as their recruitment challenges and offer solutions to find the strongest and most suiting client-company pair. We find our strength in our combined 70 years of Talent Acquisition experience with our savvy senior-level Executive Recruiters. We have a strong foundation and relationship within the Finance, Banking, Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Insurance; as well as Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, and Retail/Ecommerce industries. Our expertise covers mid-level to C-Suite Leaderships positions within both long-term consulting opportunities, Contract – to Perm options, Direct Hire placements; as well as onsite RPO opportunities. We are a group of enthusiastic professionals who love the altruistic nature of what we do.

Core values here at Infinity Staffing Partners embody ~


Industries We Serve

Finance / Accounting

The financial services industry plays a vital role in the world economy. Its clients are individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and agencies of government. Financial markets in the U.S. are the largest and most liquid in the world. We partner with Securities Brokerage and Trading, Money Management, Hedge Funds, Electronic Trading, Private Equity, Wealth Management and Insurance Companies to provide a wide range of professional talent from an Accountant, to a Controller or CFO.


Financial institutions, as well as our Regional and Mega “Big” Banks have literally become the cornerstones of our economy; as they hold billions of dollars in assets within several subsidiaries in different industries. Additionally, the insurance industry is a means of protection from financial loss. We work with companies who focus in risk management and uncertain loss.


Technology is dynamic; it keeps on improving because even our needs and demands keep on changing. We apply technology in almost everything we do in our lives. We use technology at work, we use it for learning, communication, entertainment, manufacturing, creating artifacts, securing data, scaling businesses and so much more. We employ seasoned IT staffing experts that understand the ins/outs, overall language, and progressive nature of this fast-moving industry.

E-commerce / Retail

In this ever-changing, progressive world we live in ─ there are very few organizations selling to the public in the way of storefront or office who are not mastering an online presence for consumer purchasing. Even trading over the Internet has become a new marketing model which will become the major trading method in the very near future. We understand the necessary components required to identify Ecommerce and Retail talent in the way of Merchandising, Purchasing, Designers, and Buyers.

Sales / Marketing

At its core ─ the Sales and Marketing industry communicates the unique and need-fulfilling value of a good or service to a consumer through a specific channel.  It involves moving goods and services from concept to customer, which includes the coordination of the 4 P’s:  product, price, place and promotional strategy. We specialize in high-performing Sales Executives, Account Management / Business Development Specialists, and senior level Marketing Managers, Directors and Chief Marketing Officers within the traditional and digital space.

Media / Entertainment

When you think of a job in the media or entertainment industry, you likely think your local news anchors, daily weatherman, or Hollywood actor. However, these roles are just a tiny subset of the career options available within the broad field of Media and Entertainment. There are many possibilities that include ─ Advertising, Editors, Publishers, Content Writers, Relationship Managers, Communications Specialists, Public Relations and the fast-track Gaming Industry.

Human Resources

Your internal HR department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business. This includes payroll, benefits, recruiting and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws. Any mix-up concerning these issues can cause major legal problems for your business, as well as major employee dissatisfaction. Therefore, we identify only the most skilled and enterprising HR talent for your organization.


World-class Counsel is more crucial than ever before! Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace demands that new Attorneys offer an understanding of the commercial landscape of the legal services industry as a complement to their substantive legal knowledge, and as a means towards contributing to their firm, company or organization. We service Law Firms as well as Corporate in-house legal and compliance positions ─ from Paralegal’s to a specialty practice Attorney; as well as internal Corporate Counsel and Compliance Officers.

Infinity ~ Never Ending Commitment

More Than 70 Years of Combined Staffing Experience.

Why Choose Us?

The Predictive Index

As part of our value proposition ─ we offer our clients The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™. This simple 5 – 10-minute online test is given to all our candidates prior to submission. It’s a simple and proven methodology we find highly effective in analyzing and summarizing professionals for management strategies and influencing style to ensure corporate alignment. It’s been designed to be the most effective, simple, and easy to use science-based assessment that provides an accurate depiction, or pattern, of an individual’s core drives, and therefore insight into needs and behaviors.

The Wonderlic

We understand the success of your business depends on building a great team! And we have found that the Wonderlic Personnel Test is an easier, faster way to hire better employees. It offers our clients the opportunity to assess a candidates cognitive ability in a way that provides insight into personality fits and motivational factors in an effort to improve your employee retention and make more informed hiring decisions. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a popular group intelligence test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving in a range of occupations.

24/7 Availability

At Infinity – we don’t clock out at the end of the “work” day. We are passionate entrepreneurs that love the altruistic nature of our job. We work with our candidates and clients after hours and weekends, if necessary. We understand that sometimes our working professional candidates can’t break away during the work day due to busy schedules and need to talk in the evenings. Sometimes our clients need us on the weekends. Things come up! Live happens. Therefore, we are committed 100% to being available for you ─ when and if you need us. That is today and always will be our dedicated promise to you!

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